Try a tractor and rally excitement at the same time!

Two legendary central Finns meet together when Valtra and Neste Rally Finland join their forces together for the joy of the rally folks. The 66 year-old Valtra is seen and heard this year in several ways during the Neste Rally Finland. The Valtra local landscapes in Central Finland with their fastest gravel roads and and most picturesque lake landscapes create a magnificant setting for the largest public event of the Nordic region.

Valtra has been heavily involved as a cooperating partner in the Neste Rally Finland. Check out the most important side events of the Neste Rally Finland on this page.

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See a video from last year's Valtra feeling in Neste Rally 


Valtra is a strong part of the Finnish countryside

Take a picture between July 24th and August 6th 2017 of a Valtra tractor or a pleasant picture associated with Valtra along the rally route. Send your picture with the tag #ValtraNesteRally to Instagram (please add also identifier @ValtraGlobal and follow @ValtraGlobal) or Facebook and you can win amazing prizes! The grand prize is an entry ticket to a unique event - Valtra Winter Drive Experience! The other prizes are in example Valtra Collection product packages.

The best pictures are presented in Valtras social media. Please read the competition rules carefully.

Release your inner visualist with Valtra!

Competition rules can be found here.


Valtra opens Neste Rally Finland Harju’s special trials with Auto-guided tractor!

On thursday, July 27th, Valtra has the honor to open the legendary Harju SS with 000-tractor. This year Valtra does the nearly impossible and opens the SS with Auto-guided tractor. This means, that the driver inside the cab will not even touch the steering wheel! Come and experience on site the SS 1 Harju and its rare, futuristic opener!

See a video from last years Harju SS opening from here.

Schedule for Harju SS can be found from here.


This year you will get to experience a breathtaking Special Stage in the Neste Rally

The WRC rally was driven in 2016 in Äänekoski for the first time since 1970’s, so this years return to the same neck of the woods is yet again not less than historical. Äänekoski – Valtra SS also the first special stage for over 20 years in the history of the Neste Rally, which has gotten a different name from the geographic location.

Come and follow in the Valtra world bearing our new special stage colours!

Valtra celebrates it’s success of decades at Äänekoski-Valtra special stage with a gorgeous tractor cavalcade! Tractor cavalcade tells the story of Valtra all the way from 1950’s to this day. Cavalcade is driven at Äänekoski-Valtra special stage route at 4:40pm with these legendary tractor models: Valmet 15, Valmet 565, Valmet 500, Valmet 1502, Volvo BM Valmet 705, Valtra-Valmet 6750, Valtra N123 DualFuel and Valtra T234V

Map to the special stage here.

Schedule for Äänekoski-Valtra SS can be found from here.


Valtra teams up with Rendel-superhero to open the SS13, Harju 2

On Friday, July 28th, 000-tractor can be descpribed as epic - to say the least. Valtra teams up again with a Finnish superhero, Rendel, to open the Harju SS driving the uniquely deisgned Valtra N174 Direct. This isn't the first trip Valtra and Rendel have done together - earlier this year the pair travelled from Finland to Cannes film festival, where the Rendel-movie was presented.

Come and experience the rare, epic opener of Harju SS 13!

See a video from last year's Harju SS!

See a video of Rendel and Valtra and their trip to Cannes

Schedule for Harju SS can be found from here.